Dr Kamini D Lakhiani – Consultant Diabetologist & Obesity Specialist

M.B.B.S (BOM), D. Diabetology (BOM)


Living well with Diabesity It’s in your hands
Dr Kamini D Lakhiani has her own clinic ‘Sadhana Proactive Clinic’ @ (15th road, Khar West). Her dream clinic which has been spiritually blessed by her Guruji, Parents, well wishers and patients.

She is also an Honorary Diabetologist at Ramakrishna Mission Hospital at Khar West for the last 10 years and Mahavir Medical Research Institute, Khar West for last 8 years.

She began her medical journey from Lokmanya Tilak Medical College where she got her MBBS degree and then joined Nair Hospital in the endocrine (thyroid) department under the guidance of Dr. Prema Vertaki and Dr D K Nihalani.


Post Graduate Two Year Diploma In Diabetology (Mumbai University) from TOPIWALA NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE (B.Y.L.Nair Hospital). & S. L. Raheja Hospital And All India Institute Of Diabetes in 2002.
MBBS (Mumbai) from LOKMANYA TILAK Municipal MEDICAL COLLEGE (Sion Hospital) 1998.

Consultant Diabetologist

SADHANA PROACTIVE CLINIC: Preventive diabetes centre & Obesity clinic in Mumbai.
(D.M / Obesity (Metabolic Syndrome)/ PCOS or PCOD / thyroid etc)

TIMINGS: 3.30 Pm to 8.30pm / Mondays to Saturdays Only

Ramakrishna Mission Hospital (Khar): Since 2004 Dr Kamini D Lakhiani has been conducting charitable diabetes speciality clinic, twice a week, where patients take advantage of the comprehensive diabetes care provided by Dr Kamini D Lakhiani and her team.
OPD on Mon & Thurs at 11:00 AM

Mahavir Medical Research Centre (Khar) & Hospital: Since 2008 Dr Kamini D Lakhiani has been conducting twice a week OPD, where senior citizen patients take advantage of the reasonable rates.
OPD on Tue & Fri at 11:00 AM

DR. Batra’s Positive Health Clinic for Homeopathy: Since 2009 Dr Kamini D Lakhiani has been a senior consultant for guidance & teaching the homeopathic doctors, basics of Hormonal Endocrine System. She counsels them to provide diagnosis & prognostic approach for their patients especially associated with hormonal imbalance like D.M / Obesity / PCOS / thyroid etc.

Alongside her thriving private practice, Dr. Lakhiani has an innate longing to help those who are less fortunate. Against all odds, she persevered and spent every Sunday in the past before covid 2009 to 2020 , for over a decade, treating and caring for the people in the world’s largest slum dwelling in Dharavi [Mumbai]. She made the most out of a minimal setup, resources, and facilities, and humbly served countless people in a locality where most might shudder to enter. Her experiences and bonds created with the people here are priceless to her, and she strongly believes that their unwavering trust and love organically resulted in a lot of personal & professional growth.

Pretti Slim Clinic (Bandra): Since 2009 (Panel of expert consultant) resigned since 2013

Silver Medical Centre (Since 2008) & Sunrise Centre (bandra) since 2012 Resigned since 2013

Sarla Nursing Home & Hospital (Resigned since 2004)

S.L Raheja Hospital Since 1999 (Resigned since 2004)

Specially interested in prevention of diabetes, doing clinical research on adolescent diabetes, Insulin resistance in Indians & its further management by preventing their complications.


Sadhana Proactive Clinic is Dr Kamini D Lakhiani’s dream clinic. This would not have been possible without the blessing of her spiritual Guruji, Parents, Patients and her well-wishers.

She started her Medical journey from Sion Hospital from where she got her MBBS degree, and then moved on to working in Nair Hospital in the endocrine department under Dr. Prema Vertaki & Dr. K.D.Nihalani.

Realizing that treating, helping, educating, and counseling diabetic patients was her passion, she started working with S.L.Raheja Hospital as a Clinical Associate. Being a go getter by nature, she did not restrict herself to clinical work only. She grabbed the opportunity to do research work shoulder to shoulder with Dr. B.S.Raheja on the topic of Omega 3 fatty acids, which has been published in the “journals of diabetic care”.

She has also been fortunate enough to attain a specialized training in medical and surgical management of diabetic foot & its care with non-other than Dr. Arun Bal. It was at this point, she was entrusted with the responsibility of managing her own OPD in S.L Raheja Hospital as a Consultant Diabetologist.

During her tenure of more than 5 years at Raheja, she had the privilege to study the work of top-notch doctors such as Dr. V. S. Ajgaonkar , Dr. Anil Bhoraskar, Dr. P. G. Tawalkar. On many occasions, she was included in clinical meeting held between panels of senior consultants, discussing various difficult cases.

“Inhaled Insulin” was to be the future of Diabetes in 2009. Whereas some people had heard about it, some were still reading about it. She was one of the very few doctors who got the chance to research on it along with Dr. Nadeem Rais at his Chowpatty Medical Clinic. This is by far the latest development in the management for juvenile diabetes-type 1(insulin requiring diabetics), their insulin monitoring and techniques. Now the hopes are on stem cell research work for type 1.

She has also participated in the Educational activity in Management of Obesity by Dr. Brian Muzelak – Director of NAASO i.e. (North American association for the Study of Obesity) & is a Silent Member of All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity (AI AARO) earlier know as (Advancing Research in Obesity – AARO), affiliation to International Association for the Studies in Obesity – (IASO) in the year 2004.
For nearly 4 years she was on the panel of the expert consultants as an Endocrinologist Panel for further management of patients with any metabolic disorders with Pretti-Slim Clinic.

She also believe in others holistic methods. She is currently attached with Homeopathic Institute as a Senior Endocrinologist for guidance & teaching the homeopathic doctors, basics of Hormonal Endocrine System i.e. Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic for Homeopathy for giving diagnosis & prognostic approach to their patients especially associated with hormonal imbalance like (D.M / Obesity / PCOS / thyroid etc)

The objective of Sadhana Proactive Clinic (SPC) is to provide Proactive measures to prevent and treat diabetes patients as well as to screen and prevent the further diabetes related complications in the patients.

  • More importantly in terms of expertise, clinically based protocol of SPC’s (Sadhana Proactive Clinic) run on the guidelines of Mayo Diabetes Center and The American Diabetes Association.
  • A detailed & exhaustive clinical work-up is done with special attention to the end-organ damage.
  • A detailed nutritional therapy & a tailor made dietary counseling is done to suit various patients depending on their medical ailments.
  • The Foot Examination is done on the guidelines provided by the American Ankle & Foot Society, by a Biothesiometer machine, to check & then treat the nerves , sensations of a patient.
  • “Most of the patients desires to be cured of diseases without going through proper treatment regimen. It’s like trying to reverse the gear without going to the neutral, causing more problems than desired out come”, states Dr Kamini D Lakhiani.